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Services Offered by Our Office

Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy

            Active Treatment

                        Scaling & root planing

                        Occlusal adjustment

                        Local antibiotic placement

                        Night Guards

            Periodontal maintenance

            Fluoride Application

            Laser Pocket Sterilization

            Oral Cancer Screening 

 Surgical Therapy utilizing magnification & microsurgical techniques

Periodontal Treatment:

                        Pocket Reduction to improve plaque control

                        Soft Tissue Grafting for gum recession

                        Crown Lengthening for inadequate tooth structure

Laser Periodontal Therapy

            Pocket Reduction

            Bone regeneration around natural teeth

Soft Tissue Laser

            Gingival Re-contouring



Oral Medicine (Biopsy)

Esthetic Plastic Surgery

Crown lengthening

Soft tissue grafting for gum deficiency

Tooth Extraction

Bone Grafting after extraction to preserve bone

Implant Therapy

                        Computerized analysis for precise implant placement

                        Preparation of site for implants

                                    Bone Grafting /Ridge Augmentation

                                    Sinus Lifts /Grafting

                        Implant Placement using minimally invasive techniques

 Additional Services          

          Digital X-rays

          Invisalign to straighten teeth         

          Oral Medicine (Biopsy)

          Computerized Periodontal Charting and Records

          Electronic claims submission