Dr Connolly was so calm and empathetic! He alleviated all my concerns. My procedure and recovery went so smoothly! Thank you so much!
Diane B, New York

Dr Julie Connolly is what we all seek in a great healthcare professional: proactive, caring, highly skilled and very patient-focused.
Susan S, New York

I have been going to Dr. Connelly for many years. My first experience I had two implants and a sinus lift. He was very kind, patient, professional and explained everything. The room was as sterile as a surgery room in a hospital. I was in his office recently and was very impressed with the state of art equipment and new procedures for the virus. Couldn’t ask for a better doctor. The best.
Paulette T., New York City

I highly recommend Drs. Connolly and their staff for their competence, precision, and excellence towards patient care, service and safety. I have been under Dr. Thomas Connelly's care for over thirty years and he has saved my natural teeth from deteriorating further. I highly recommend this practice to everyone.
Sam T., Elmhurst

Dr. Connolly is an outstanding periodontist. His kind, calm, and pleasant manner is very comforting when faced with a procedure that you may not fully understand. He explained everything beforehand and if there were choices to be made, he clearly explained the options and let you decide your path. He made it clear that at all decisions were yours but he would recommend the best method and it invariably was . He respected my wishes for " minimal " medication which I appreciated. My overall results were excellent. I highly recommend this office for any periodontal needs you may have.
Beth S., New York

3 generations getting excellent periodontal care here.
Rochelle Levy, New York,NY

During my most recent visit I was amazed at the level of Covid protection the office has under gone. State of the art Swiss air purifiers, PPE, and procedures were unlike anything I have seen in other doctors offices. Doctor Connelly takes protecting his clients as seriously as the surgical and dental skills that the office conducts every day. I’m a big fan. Tom Whitaker ( 15 year patient)
Tom Whitaker, New Canaan CT

If you ever have had anxiety about having a dental implant and want excellent care, attention to detail and thoroughness of a competent, attentive staff, then go to Dr. Thomas Connolly. He is brilliant, patient, explains each step in the process, soothes your anxiety each step of the way. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Connolly, his reception team and his dental assistants. I recommend Dr. Connolly highly and would go back to him in the future.
Debbie C, New York

Tim Connolly is the consummate professional and educator. He communicated my procedure in explicit detail and extracted my tooth painlessly and efficiently. Even his peers value his contribution to the field: he is the president of American College of Dentists and in his role, I am confident he demonstrates the same kindness and professionalism as he does in his office.
Jeanne, New York NY

Excellent professional care and prompt and courteous
Mark K., New York

The entire procedure was efficient, easy, painless, and successful.
Judith G, New York

Dr Connolly is always here for me and my husband. He is wonderful and his staff as we'll. I have five implants which dr Connolly inserted which my my life so much better. Thank you
Connie, Bronx

The doctor communicated very well, informing me on every step of the implant procedure. He was also able to complete the procedure in one appointment saving 2 additional months of recovery . Overall it was an excellent experience.
Ira S, New City,NY