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Cone Beam CT Scan

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Benefits of the Cone Beam CT Scan

The Cone Beam CT Scan allows for the visualization of the Mandible and Maxilla in 3-D. This is useful for:

  1. Identification of critical anatomy to aid preventive treatments
  2. Diagnosis 
  3. Pre-planning bone graft
  4. Pre-planning Implants
  5. Assessment of impacted wisdom teeth
  6. Assessment of sinuses prior to sinus surgery
  7. Locating the position of significantly impacted canine teeth

The Cone Beam CT Scan allows for significantly less radiation exposure then the conventional Medical Grade CT Scan. The Scan takes several minutes and is then easily reviewable by the treating Doctor. All scans taken are sent for review by a Dental Radiologist who provides a detailed report of their findings.

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