Tooth Extractions
Tooth Extractions

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Gentle Tooth Extraction in New York, NY

If you have been told that tooth extraction is the necessary next-step to regaining oral health, our New York periodontal practice can help. Dr. Thomas Connolly and Dr. Julie Connolly are an experienced team of specialists dedicated to building a healthy foundation for your smile.

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Do I Need My Tooth Removed?

Tooth Extraction in upper east side Manhattan


Dental professionals suggest tooth removal as a last resort to support oral health. Extraction is often deemed necessary when the tooth is not salvageable in situations like:

  • Severe infection or decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Tooth fracture
  • Preparation for restorations

We also extract wisdom teeth that are impacted under bone or are a threat to the healthy environment of your remaining teeth.



How Is A Tooth Extracted?

NYC Tooth ExtractionIt is important for us to evaluate your unique circumstances to determine if an antibiotic is needed before extraction. We want to eradicate infection and gum disease to prevent new infection to the targeted area.

We use our 3D imaging equipment to examine the tooth in question. This helps us ensure the tooth is removed atraumatically, with the least invasive approach to minimize injury to surrounding gum tissue and bone.

Our staff will review after-care instructions before your procedure to make sure you understand how to care for the area. We want you to be prepared with an ice-pack and over-the-counter pain medication to maximize comfort at home.




Is Sedation Required with Extraction?

Most patients can have a tooth removed comfortably with local anesthetic. If you would like additional relaxing medication to help with fear and anxiety, talk to us when scheduling your appointment. We offer nitrous oxide to improve comfort during extraction.

 Tooth extraction in New York City

What Happens After a Tooth Is Removed?

Once your tooth is removed, we inspect and clean the socket and will remove any infected tissue.

If your extraction was in preparation for implants, a bone graft might be required to strengthen the area for best placement results. 


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